Long Service Awards

If you have a trophy and would record the winners and dates from each shield and send to:
It will be greatly appreciated and help complete the publication of the clubs history.
Also let me know about typos and errors.

_Year_ Long Service Award (initiated 1985) Special Awards Other Awards
2017Zoe Lockton 10yrs
2008Mitchell Kempn 10yrs
2007Elizabet Howie 10yrs
2006Caitlyn Kempin 10yrs
2001Adam Brideuax 10yrs
1999Robert Coote 10yrs
1995Michelle Green 10yrs
1995Melissa Howe 10yrs
1995Rosiland Russell 10yrs
1995Michael Denman 10yrs
1995Danny Stiller 10yrs
1995Melissa Howe 10yrs
1994Colin Hardcastle 10yrs
1994Sharon Denman 10yrs
1991Glen Kennedy 10yrs
1989Ian Houlihan 10yrs
1988Ben Arnell 10yrs
1988Len Grasbon 10yrs
1987Catherine Neville 10yrs
1987Sherrie Riebel 10yrs
1986Carrie Arnell 10yrs
1985Susan Marshall 10yrs
1985John Baxter 10yrs
1985Anita Riebel 10yrs
1985Ronald Cater 10yrs
1985Sharon Carter 10yrs
1983Jeanette Baxter 12yrs
1983Tanya Riebel 12yrs
1994Serena Simmonds 9yrs
1992Elizabeth O'Hara 7yrs
1987Debbie Denman 4yrs